So, everyone knows about record sales being in the crapper…yadayadayada.
But the fact is…people are still running in to buy certain things. It’s just that phenomenons are fewer and further between.
This week, the High School Musical 2 Soundtrack marks it’s fourth consecutive week on top of Billboard’s Album Chart, with sales at a very healthy 170,000 copies. It’s sold nearly 1.5 million copies in four weeks. This comes after the soundtrack to the first movie sold over 4 million copies and was the top selling album (not soundtrack, mind you…over all album) of 2006.
It’s still in the Top 40 18 months later.
Me, I’m not a Disney channel watcher. I can’t vouch for why this is so successful, especially in light of failed past Disney projects (anyone old enough to remember The Party back in the early Nineties?) AND the fact that albums by members of HSM’s cast have either underwhelmed or flopped miserably (Vanessa Hudgens is the only cast member to go Gold on her own). It might be because it’s a family movie and a family soundtrack, and the best-selling albums historically have been albums the entire family can listen to…or at least are kid-friendly (see: Carrie Underwood, Nickelback, et. al.).
Of course, there might be a little extra hubbub nowadays since the news popped about the nudie pictures of Ms. Hudgens. The fact that the news appeared not to affect sales at all speaks to how trivial the whole deal is (she’s 19…get real people!). My main curiosity is…how long is this juggernaut going to last? And how long is Disney going to continue to milk this? Because if these albums continue to sell, I can see High School Musical: The 10-Year Reunion coming to a store near you in 2016.
Here are this week’s Top Ten albums (courtesy of Billboard Communications)
1. High School Musical 2 Soundtrack: Various Artists
2. The Dutchess: Fergie
3. Hannah Montana 2 Soundtrack: Meet Miley Cyrus: Miley Cyrus
4. The Altar & The Door: Casting Crowns
5. Bone Palace Ballet: Chiodos
6. Hairspray Soundtrack: Various Artists
7. Now That’s What I Call Music 25: Various Artists
8. All The Right Reasons: Nickelback
9. Back To Black: Amy Winehouse
10. Minutes To Midnight: Linkin Park