Thinking about two kids never living up to their potential. Yes, I know that Whitney was the 1980s Diva of Choice, but she should have a Streisand-like career, not a Paula Abdul-length one. And Bobby Brow, what’s up with that? One of the coolest music makers of his generation when he didn’t get sidetracked from one project to another.

Kiss it goodbye. They’ve been through drugs, alleged spousal abuse, scandals of every kind, but Whitney Houston has reportedly filed papers to divorce Bobby Brown.

This all appears to be happening a decade too late, and after so much abuse of their relationship, one has to wonder what finally prompted Houston to take action. Her mindset and the super-duper, hot, hear-it-here first exclusive will undoubtedly tell the tale, but for now, it’s “Buh-buh Bobby”

Spinning In The CD
Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys
Yeah, I know it’s 40 years old, but old music can still amaze. And, truth be told, I owe our sister Book site a review of a hot new book about Brian Wilson so I needed to soak up some fun, fun, fun in the warmth of the sun.