He’s been on the Grammys.

He’s performed with Beyonce.

He may have done that in more ways than one.

He runs a music company — a good one.

He even owns part of a basketball team.

F0rget what Biggie claimed. Jay-Z is Brooklyn’s Finest, or one of ’em anyway. And now he’s back from his “retirement”? That is what Entertainment Weekly is reporting and being picked up all over the world.

Shawn Carter is gonna make more music. Since he was born in the Nixon administration, it’s not as if he is too old to do that. So if The Black Album wasn’t really his final album, the crossover smash sold out of stores and generated three Top 40 hits. The stars out for that album — Rick Rubin, Kanye, John Legend and more — are no doubt available to him again. Look for young Beyonce to play a greater role as well.

It’s been three years. Time to stop playing with spreadsheets and start playing with mixing boards.

Spinning in the CD:
I’m still liking Panic! At The Disco. I Write Sins Not Tragedies is as fresh a sound as Green Day’s American Idiot showed up two years ago.