The video to Beyonce’s new single If I Were A Boy features a great concept, is awesomely shot, and will definitely give couples something to think about.

My cousin pointed this out on her Facebook page, and I decided to give it a look. I don’t necessarily agree with Beyonce’s message, but I’m glad I watched the video.

The song itself is Beyonce complaining out loud about gender equality in relationships. I’m not sure if it’s biographical or not (didn’t you immediately think Jay-Z and Rihanna?), but she’s definitely trying to give you the idea that guys get away with being disrespectful in relationships and she shows how hurtful it really is.

It’s Beyonce’s song and she has the freedom at this point in her career to say whatever she wants. And I’m actually glad she does say something with her music. But I do think it’s a big time stereotype. I’ve never flirted with another girl in front of my woman’s face and then said, “It’s not like I’m sleeping with her,” so maybe I’m not someone who can relate to her message.

What do y’all think?