When I heard about Ben Taylor’s salivary stones, I was reminded that we’re all humans…

For those who will read this and happened to see the blog post I wrote yesterday about Ben Taylor’s salivary stones, excuse me. For the rest of you, I just have to share this totally funny yet horrifying video I found featuring Ben Taylor. Ben Taylor is the son of James Taylor and Carly Simon. He has a wonderful voice that is a velvety mixture of his father’s clear, comforting tenor and his mom’s smokey alto. Taylor’s parents’ genes endowed him with a voice that is all his, yet recalls the distinctive sounds of his parents and other singing relatives. Not only is he blessed with a fantastic singing voice. He’s also a fine guitar player and songwriter.

Despite all of those things going for him, Ben Taylor has to deal with unpleasant health stuff just like the rest of us. Not long ago, I had a really bad canker sore in my mouth that for a brief time, had me fearing that I might have salivary duct stones. That fear led me to seek out information about salivary gland stones, which also included some rather disgusting photos of the condition. I also found a video starring Ben Taylor. In it, he discusses his own revolting and painful experiences with the damnable stones and the raging infection that developed due to their presence.

Try to watch this and not cringe!

One thing I love about Ben’s video is that he seems like such a down to earth guy. I have a feeling I would enjoy knowing him, if only because we could share gross stories about infections. I have a few of them myself.

Ben Taylor and dad, James Taylor, play “Up On The Roof”. This is one of my favorite songs by James Taylor and they are great together!

Sort of the unofficial North Carolina theme… I love this song too. I bet it was magical hearing “Carolina In My Mind” in Raleigh.

Ben performs “You Can Close Your Eyes”, one of his dad’s old songs, with mom, Carly Simon, and sister Sally Taylor.

While Ben is great when he performs with his parents, I also like his solo efforts. The video below is of a song my husband, Bill, heard for the first time while he was deployed to Iraq. He was actually in Qatar when he heard it, sitting on a bus waiting to get back to the war zone. Every time I hear it now, it reminds me of how much I missed Bill while he was gone and worried about him.

Ben talks about his mother, Carly Simon, in concert. The song is “Nothing I Can Do”.

I think I need to explore more of Ben Taylor’s music. Maybe that will be a project I undertake this weekend.