If anyone needs further proof that the music made by John, Paul, George & Ringo is timeless, just look at the fact that arguably the biggest music story of the year (along with Michael Jackson’s death) is the release of The Beatles’ “Rock Band” video game as well as 14 Beatles albums remastered and in their original British configurations. This marks the first time any albums by the Fab Four have gotten a remaster treatment since they were released on CD in the late Eighties. Of course, the video game will introduce a whole new generation to the music of The Beatles. Not only will it make Ringo, Paul, Yoko, Olivia, Sony/ATV and MJ’s estate a shit-ton of money, but it will help guarantee that The Beatles’ legacy endures-not that it really needs any help with that, but…you know.

While I happen to be a huge Beatles fan, I don’t necessarily know that I need the remasters. I’d certainly like them, but forking over a ton of cash for music I essentially have already is just not prudent. Someone’ll have to tell me how they sound.

Anyway, enjoy Beatles Wednesday, check out this cool article from my pals at Popdose (including yours truly), and celebrate the legacy of the most important band of all time.

I decided to go with a slightly less typical clip here…this is a fantastic performance of one of my all-time favorite Beatles songs.