Hello folks! Bill and I are back from Europe!

We had a fine time mostly in France, but also in Germany. I’ve been blogging like a fool for the past few days! On many of my trips, I’ve come home with new music. I find street musicians who are talented and deserve to be heard. This time, I didn’t find any street musicians whose music particularly moved me. Instead, my musical ear worm came from a video I happened to see posted on a blog post linked to Facebook. One of my friends is a militant atheist and he shared a hilarious blog post about the worst Christian videos of all time. Naturally, I had to read the post and watch the videos. Three out of the five highlighted ended up intriguing me so much that I kept watching them throughout our trip through France. I suppose I should be ashamed that now my memories of France are linked to a ridiculously catchy song by Sonseed, a Roman Catholic band that existed in the late 70s and early 80s and spawned one viral YouTube hit, thanks to an old videotape of an obscure religious show in New York.

This video got into my head in a big way during our travels. It’s hilarious in all the wrong ways!

About twenty-six years after the above video originally aired, Sol Polichetti, the bassist who wrote this song appeared in a club and recreated the magic.

I also got obsessed with this very bizarre video by adherents to “The Way”, a rather culty group that I know little about. The video below doesn’t make me want to join up, though it did prompt me to find out more about the faith’s beliefs.

The dancing in this video is just… too much.

The video below is so true to the original that I can’t help but notice that the people who created it were obviously fans of the original…

Oh my dear lord…

Aside from becoming obsessed with these bizarrely cheesy Christian music videos, I did listen to quite a bit of my own music on my iPod… stuff I’d had on my iPod for ages and never got around to reviewing. There were a few times I couldn’t do much of anything but listen to music, like when we were on the very long flight back to the United States. I discovered some new songs that I’ll need to add to my playlist.

I probably should have taken the time to listen to more French music while we were there. I have a great album by Laura Fygi (who is actually Dutch). I found it courtesy of an Epinions review a couple of years ago, written by a fellow top music reviewer on that now defunct site. Maybe I should have taken more time to familiarize myself with the music of France.

Laura Fygi sings “Autumn Leaves” in French…

I did get exposed to a lot of French pop and also Michael Jackson’s latest song, “Love Never Felt So Good”.

Michael Jackson is still very popular in Europe.

I wish I’d found someone to buy a new CD from while we were traveling, since I find that music is one of the best souvenirs on trips abroad. But at least I’ve been exposed to the previously obscure Sonseed, which created a song that makes me smile really big.