What do Paul McCartney, Chris Cornell, Sheena Easton, Rita Coolidge, Tina Turner, and Sheryl Crow all have in common?  They all performed a song that was featured in a James Bond movie.  And now we can add the duo of Jack White and Alicia Keys to this list.  Hmm? Did you ever think you would see these two heavyweights team up for a song?  I sure as hell never did.  Their collaboration, Another Way To Die, from the upcoming James Bond movie which hits theaters in November, has just begun streaming at

The song has that unique dark sound that identifies it as a Bond tune, but from the opening guitar riff you can tell immediately it’s something from the White Stripes.   The combination of piano, guitars, and full on orchestra to open the song is amazing.   You can also hear the distinct R&B sound in the song to remind you that this isn’t going to be just a rock & roll tune. The vocals don’t come on for about a minute, with Jack White singing the opening lyric, and then the two trading off.  I was figuring Alicia Keys would be doing the vocals, with Jack White also writing the song and contributing the back-up vocals and guitar work.  I’m glad I was wrong.  Although I respect Alicia Keys, it’s Jack White’s contribution I was more interested in.  You also get the familiar random Jack White guitar riffs in the middle of the song.  Another Way To Die is surprisingly good, and I can’t wait to hear it over the opening credits of the new Bond Movie.

I give it 4 Stars.  Good stuff, as Jack White usually never lets me down.

For shits and giggles, here is my personal Top 5 Bond Themes:

1) For Your Eyes Only/Sheena Easton

2) A View To A Kill/Duran Duran

3) Thunderball/Tom Jones

4) Goldfinger/Shirley Bassey

5) You Know My Name/Chris Cornell  (From Casino Royale)

And the the worst was Madonna’s Die Another Day.  Uggh!