The judges gave Haley another earful for her terrible song choice of Michael Jackson’s Earth Song last night. But they were overwhemingly positive for all of the other seven performances even though I didn’t think they were all good. Some of them were most definitely good like Haley’s I (Who Have Nothing) and Scotty’s Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning) might have been one of the greatest song choices based on time and theme in the history of American Idol.

Can Haley stay the Teflon Don? Is Scotty’s choke hold of the young female vote enough to get him through? Did Lauren do a good enough job shaking her nerves? And is Big Game James going to sneak through after what was just an ok night (don’t tell the judges I said that) for him?

Tonight, we get Enrique Iglesias, Jordin Sparks, and Lady Gaga all performing. You know, tonight, he’s not Enrique. He’s Ricky. Ricky Iglesias is performing.

I’m skimming through the duets. I don’t think my heart can take the cheesiness tonight.

They did a nice video package of the contestants web casting home which was a sneak preview of next week’s top three who all get to go home to visit their peeps. Well, I guess, whoever doesn’t get through tonight gets to go home too, but there might not be a parade waiting.

Ryno got right to it and said that Lauren is in the top three. I’m still in it to win it in my American Idol pool thanks to L-Boogie.

Bait and switch! Gaga isn’t performing live in front of the American Idol crowd. And she has canary yellow hair.

Ricky Iglesias is singing Dirty Dancer, but Usher is not with him. Since when has Usher ever turned down a chance to sing for TV ratings? And because he simply couldn’t resist, Ricky is also singing I Like It. Let’s see if Pitbull turns down the opportunity to come back on Idol after joining J. Lo last week. Nope, no Pitbull. They may have a Pitbull maximum.

Jordin Sparks it out singing next. The last time I saw her was on the Disney show, The Suite Life on Deck. I think Zack and Cody tried to throw her off the boat. By the way, baby girl lost weight and is trying to get her Beyonce on.

I think I just saw a sign in the audience that said Gilroy, CA Loves James. That’s my hood!

Steven Tyler premiered the video for his new song Feels So Good whereas he seemed to be chasing a young blonde 40 years his minor. And for whatever reason, Nicole “The Terminator” Scherzinger showed up in the video to just stand next to him. Ok, she sang a bit with him in the end. Don’t tell me she’s his new girlfriend.

Teflon Haley is also in the top three. Wow. It’s time to pick between Big Game James and Scotty Too Hotty. I think Big Game James goes home based on last night.

And the person who goes home is … Big Game James. The dude had the best story of them all and came out swinging. I’ll be sad to see him go. We’re down to the final three. Seacrest out!

Photo of Enrique Iglesias is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license