After last night, it seems like Jacob is going home. Don’t worry. I’m not going to sit on my pedestal and shout at everyone who doesn’t like Jacob. He didn’t have a great night and if there’s a week that he goes home, I’d be fine if it was this week. It doesn’t mean that I’m off the Jacob bandwagon because I think he has the best voice of anyone bar none, but he didn’t perform at the level that everyone else did, per their standards.

J. Lo Booty Alert
She did a full twirl this time, but she’s wearing a poofy skirt so though I saw the junk, I didn’t really see the trunk.

After a 5-person ditty, they are in the kitchen making omelets with Chef Ramsey. What this has to do with American Idol, I have no idea, but it has a lot to do with cross promotion. Lauren won the omelet contest, much like she’s going to win the American Idol contest.

Lady Antebellum is singing Just A Kiss. Is there a band out there featuring women called Sir something or other? Sir Mix-A-Lot doesn’t count. He just ogles female backside. They don’t count as part of the band.

Ryno tells James to stand up. Jimmy Iovine says James’ voice shut down on the ballad because of emotion and gave him an 8 out of 10 on last night’s performances. Ryno tells him to start a group on the far side of the stage.

Lauren is up and Jimmy says that she wussed out of hitting the big note last night on Unchained Melody and predicted that she’d be in the bottom two. Lauren goes on the opposite side of James.

Back to the horrible Chef Ramsey cross promotion. Lauren and Jacob are in a competition where they have to put on blind folds and figure out what kind of food they are given, which Lauren won.

It’s J. Lo’s turn to perform live. Let’s hope she doesn’t sing live. She’s wearing some baggy gold pants that don’t do much for her, but I have a feeling we’re getting a good look at that money maker. We got one good look and it’s not the same as it was during the Selena (Selenas!) days, but it’s still grand. Oh ya, and she did sing live. Pitbull joined her as well.

It’s Jacob’s turn. Jimmy says that Jacob had a rough night and he lost confidence. He gave him a six. Jacob joins Lauren’s side of the stage.

Haley gets graded by Jimmy next and he says she gets a ten. He says that if her confidence is there, she’s a lock for the finale. Haley joins James’ side.

Last but not least, it’s Scotty Too Hotty’s turn to be graded. Jimmy liked Scotty a lot last night, but didn’t give him a grade. Scotty is safe. Ryno tells him to choose the side to stand with who he thinks is safe. He doesn’t do it, but Ryno puts him with James and Haley and all three of them are safe.

It’s down to Lauren and Jacob. Lauren is already crying. Jacob has a steel reserve. Jacob goes home. Lauren is relieved. Jacob says he can now go out and make his kind of R&B music. He wails away as he says goodbye, while being surrounded by his Idol friends. Goodbye Jacob. Seacrest out!