There was a lot to take in last night. All three contestants sang three times, giving us three different looks as we near the end of this season of American Idol. Lauren is singing well, but doesn’t have that stage presence down. Haley is peaking at the right time. And Scotty probably had his worst week in a while, but it might’ve been because the other two overshadowed him. Let’s get to the elimination show.

J. Lo Booty Alert
She kind of gave us a cool look, but I don’t think we’ll get those tight white pants that I was hoping for all season long.

The producers put together another useless video package with the remaining three meeting with JJ Abrams.

It’s always fun to see the contestants go back to their hometown, but I’m going to bypass all of that. You’ve seen it before, you know what it’s all about.

In one of the more odd moves, three guys were on stage and Ryno Seacrest said they were releasing their US debut and then they started to sing in Italian. Of course they did.

Nicole “The Terminator” Scherzinger still has a solo career? Wow. And she’s on American Idol performing her single. That’s two weeks in a row for her since she was in Steven Tyler’s video last week too. I kind of feel badly for her because she’s going to try so hard to gain any traction as a solo artist and it’s probably never going to happen. 50 Cent is on the song, which makes it three R&B/pop tracks that he’s guested on recently, including one with El DeBarge and a posthumous Michael Jackson track.

It’s time to get to the results. The first person in the final two is Scotty McCreary. Those teenage girls love them some Scotty McCreary. And facing him is going to be Lauren Alaina. Haley goes home. I’m not sure I’ve ever been so bummed to see someone go home after I’ve picked against them all season. I loved Haley early on, then thought she was getting by on her looks, and loved her again in the last two weeks. Her leaving makes the finale a bit milquetoast. I once compared Haley to Jasmine Trias. A pox on me.

She performed Benny & The Jets with a wink and a smile as if to say, “You voted off the wrong person people.” That girl figured it all out.

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