2Cellos combines classic instruments with classic rock with awesome results!

The other day, my Facebook feed was inundated with videos by two handsome guys who play the cello. When I think of cello music, I think of soothing classical music by composers who have been dead for at least two hundred years. But these two guys were not playing classical music. They were playing classic rock. I was blown away as I watched them saw their strings playing a wicked version of AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck”.

I have never heard “Thunderstruck” played quite like this.

The men behind 2Cellos are Slovenian born Luka Šulić and Croatian born Stjepan Hauser and boy can they play! I had to know more about these guys, so I went to YouTube to see if there were any more videos of them. Sure enough, I discovered them playing “Welcome To The Jungle”. Yes, the very same song by Guns N’ Roses that featured Axl Rose and Slash trading vocal and guitar snarls was played by these two cellists.

Here’s a pretty cool video of them jamming for the public. Notice how their bow strings get totally shredded when they play.

Their version of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” was apparently what landed them a record deal with Sony Masterworks in 2011.

I like the little taste of “Billie Jean” in 2Cellos’ version of “Smooth Criminal”.

Even Elton John is impressed by 2Cellos!

Like so many others, Elton John discovers music on YouTube! He asked 2Cellos to join his band.

Elton John says these two guys have a “homoerotic” way of playing together, though they aren’t gay. He compares them to himself and Bernie Taupin, when they compose songs together.

Obviously 2Cellos has been around for awhile now. I’m kind of embarrassed that I’m just now discovering their music. I am certainly impressed, as obviously a lot of other people are. They’ve already made a huge name for themselves in Japan. Judging by the number of people sharing their “Thunderstruck” video over the weekend, many more people are making their first discovery of their music.

A soothing 2Cellos version of Sting’s “Fields of Gold”.

They do also play classical music, of course. Elton John invites everyone to listen to how these guys play Vivaldi.

Just breathtaking!

But I’m guessing most people are far more interested in their rock and roll stylings. Here they are playing “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana.

Not only do they play this classic song masterfully, but they do it with style and panache.

I think I’m in love. I would put up a link to their CD, but I think these guys are the type of performers you need to see to believe. I would definitely buy their DVD over their CD.