A few songs inspired me to buy my new red dress…

My husband Bill and I didn’t go out on Valentine’s Day last week. By the time Bill thought to make reservations somewhere, most of the tables at the better restaurants in San Antonio were booked. We could have gone to Dick’s Last Resort and that might have been a lot of fun, but somehow it seemed wrong to celebrate Valentine’s Day at a place with the word “Dick” in its name, even if Dick is a person and not a thing. I didn’t have anything decent to wear, anyway.

The other night, I asked Facebook friends if I should buy a red dress. I got a lot of affirmative answers. One person reminded me of a song that was very popular in the 1980s and later used in commercials…

Yes, it’s Chris De Burgh singing “The Lady In Red”. I have to admit, I really like this live version.

Truth be told, I’ve never been a huge fan of this song. In fact, back in 1986, when it was a very popular number, I actually disliked “The Lady In Red” because it was always on the radio. But I remembered the breathtaking mood of Chris DeBurgh’s now classic song and decided to buy the dress, which arrived yesterday. The dress I bought was recently modeled by a college friend who has lost a lot of weight and inspires others to follow her lead. It looks really great on her.

The same dress is now hanging in my closet. I tried it on last night, thinking the color was a little brighter than I would prefer. I’m not one to call a lot of attention to myself by what I’m wearing. I try to get attention with my larger than life personality. My husband likes it, but I’m not sure how often I’ll wear it. It’s pretty daring for someone like me.

I’m not exactly 80s era Kelly LeBrock, though this song by Stevie Wonder is more to my liking than “The Lady In Red” is.

Ultimately, I decided to buy my new red dress because most of the dresses I have for nights on the town are black. They are comfortable and practical, especially since they can be washed at home. They don’t wrinkle and show off my décolletage, which is probably the best part of my figure. I usually pair my black dresses with a pretty silk shawl. I decided my wardrobe could use more color. I needed “something in red”.

I sort of identified with Lorrie Morgan’s song, “Something in Red”.

Of course, I can’t think of red dresses without also thinking of Reba McEntire’s classic hit from 1990, “Fancy”…

My new dress is red, but it’s not a “satin dancing dress with a split clean up to my hip”.

But even when I was 18, I wasn’t one for wearing flashy red dresses. I have never “been nice to the gentlemen” for the sake of propelling myself into high society, either. If that were the case, I would probably be a lady who lunches rather than one who writes on music blogs and rarely wears makeup, let alone bright red dresses.

I just decided I wanted a new red dress in my closet, complete with new red shoes. I’m glad I bought it, too. At least next year on Valentine’s Day, I’ll be prepared for a night out on the town, hopefully not at Dick’s Last Resort. On the other hand, maybe Dick’s Last Resort really is the perfect place for me.

Jenny wears red.

Jenny wears red.

Have a nice weekend, everybody!