November is upon us and I feel the need to focus on YouTube talents today…

One of my favorite ways to kill time is to troll YouTube for cool videos. Sometimes, I like to see if I can find old songs I thought I had long forgotten. Sometimes I get curious about a certain user’s videos and start looking though their catalog. That’s how I found my old friend, Weird Wilbur, whom I have written about several times on Pop Rock Nation. Wilbur’s songs are funny and profane and probably offend people as much as they make some folks laugh.

“Fuck You Texas” is probably Weird Wilbur’s biggest “hit”.

But I have also found some other talented folks on YouTube who aren’t as inflammatory as Wilbur can be. One such user is my friend George, who goes by the name “shargram” on YouTube. I first encountered George when I was looking for a video of the song, “Mary Skeffington”. I knew it as an Olivia Newton-John number, but it was also a Gerry Rafferty song. And George covered it himself and posted the video on YouTube.

I commented on George’s video and he answered back. Now he watches my videos.

From George’s page, I ran into a few other YouTube talents. Here’s a video by my YouTube friend, Dave, whose YouTube handle is “A297MAN104”. Dave writes and performs a lot of his own songs.

“To A Better Place” is a song by Dave, but is sung by Steve Jackson in this video.

Sometimes I run into YouTube talents after they leave me a comment on my own page. Here’s a video by Jonas Sk├Âld, a guy who plays a mean guitar and sings.

Here Jonas sings his version of “The Lucky One”, a song originally made famous by Alison Krauss and Union Station.

I found Frets Nirvana on one of George’s videos and was impressed by his guitar playing. He’s quite the YouTube talent!

Here’s an original composition called “Jack Rabbit”, dedicated to a recently deceased rabbit named Jack.

I found Ken Turetzky on a Red Peters compilation album that I reviewed on He sought me out and sent me more music. We have since become friends and I do enjoy his YouTube videos…

Here’s Ken performing his ever popular hit, “My Fat Ass Itches”. There are days when I really relate to this song too well.

Here’s a video by my friend, Tim, whom I originally met on a message board for exMormons. He and his wife, Lisa, happen to be talented animators and Tim also plays a mean electric guitar.

A Halloween cartoon.

Here you can see Tim jam with his electric guitar as he sings his praises to G.I. Joe…

I myself have made some videos. I like to find songs that aren’t particularly well known and put my own spin on them. Unfortunately, I have to use pre-recorded versions of music because I don’t have any talented guitar or piano players as friends who live close to me. I often wish I had stuck with the piano lessons my mom arranged for me when I was a small child. I also don’t do well on camera, so my videos are all photos from my travels.

Yours truly singing “Angel From Montgomery”, one of my more successful covers.

I mostly make YouTube videos for fun and because I like to experiment with music. It’s not something I do for money, nor do I have any delusions that I’ll ever be famous. It’s just a creative outlet, much like writing. I probably shouldn’t share my videos, but every once in awhile, they lead to meeting someone cool and talented on YouTube. Of course I like it for the more established artists, too. But every once in awhile, I like to give a shoutout to people who are just hiding in YouTube’s depths, waiting to be discovered.