Weird Wilbur

Weird Wilbur

Weird Wilbur, otherwise known as Wilbur Witt, is an Austin based singer-songwriter and YouTube star.  Weird Wilbur is best known for his profane anti-Texas hit, “Fuck You Texas” and my personal favorite, “Chickenshit”.

Weird Wilbur mostly performs original country flavored comedy songs, though he has delved a bit into rap as well.  Weird Wilbur has also done a parody of Conway Twitty’s hit, “Tight Fittin’ Jeans”; Wilbur’s version is called “Tight Fittin’ Jeans (Weird’s Version).  Wilbur’s lyrics are about a guy who has an unfortunate run in with a loose woman at a bar.  After a night of ill-advised unprotected sex, he ends up with sexually transmitted diseases that are impossible to cure.

Despite their profane and vulgar lyrics, Wilbur’s songs generally have a moralistic message or point out how bad behavior won’t get you far in life.  For instance, in “Don’t Let Life Chew The Sweet Out of You”, Wilbur sings about not letting the bad things in life get you down.  In his song, “Life’s Rough Out In The West”, he sings about how divorce led to his life taking a downturn.

Besides his irreverent comedy songs and parodies, Weird Wilbur is also known for his very politically incorrect conservative rants, which are also widely posted on YouTube.  Many of the music videos were produced by Jackie Witt.

You can find his album, Weird Wilbur Rides Again on iTunes and




“Fuck You Texas”