Rihanna Esquire Cover

In my X Factor live blog last night for Popblerd, I gave out my top and bottom three based on performances.

Top 3
Melanie Amaro, Josh Krajcik, Astro

Bottom 3
Stacy Francis, LeRoy Bell, Chris Rene

We’ll see if someone in my bottom three goes home.

The show starts with the entire crew singing We Will Rock You with Josh Krajcik and Rachel Crow front and center. And then, LeRoy Bell misses his only solo line. Come on old man!

Rihanna’s on the show! That’s much better than what they’ve had in the recent live results shows.

Paula says she feels confident tonight. That’s the kiss of death. Mr. Anti-charisma Steve Jones says the first part of the results are coming now. There’s no drama in the people who make it Steve. The drama is in the people who go home. Who cares about the first two acts?

LeRoy Bell is through. People like them some nervous old man. And Lakoda Rayne is in as well. How can you get this wrong? All anyone wondered that is if they were going to make it through? Why didn’t they wait until the end to say they made it?

Rihanna is performing We Found Love. She’s wearing torn jeans that expose leather garter belts. Actually, she’s wearing jean shorts underneath the torn jeans. I’m just trying to get a view of the back shot and FOX isn’t giving me any. I’m not surprised. They almost never did it when J. Lo walked out on American Idol last year. I hate you FOX.

Astro must be wearing contacts. He’s without the specs tonight.

Back to the elimination …

Next to make it through to next week is Chris Rene. I think Simon is holding his breath on his girls. I don’t think he expected LeRoy or Lakoda to get through.

Melanie Amaro is the next contestant in. Simon breathed a sigh of relief. I think he thinks he’s getting hosed tonight.

Josh Krajcik is also through. If Stacy Francis makes it through, we riot.

Marcus Canty is in next. That leaves just Astro for the boys. For the girls, Drew and Rachel aren’t yet in.

Rachel and Drew are crying. Stacy is giving everyone the gas face. And Astro looks confident.

Drew is in. So that means either Rachel or Astro got the second lowest amount of votes. America, you stupid.

And Rachel Crow is in. She was sobbing.

Stacy Francis can’t speak with that gas face when Mr. Anti-charisma put the mic in front of her face. Astro says to not be sad because hip hop has made it this far.

I can’t imagine any of the mentors taking Stacy and her gas face over Astro. There’s just no way.

Stacy is up to sing first. She’s performing Amazing Grace. I guess Rock Week is out the window. It started fairly shaky until she got into her groove. I think she’s having a problem getting to the higher notes. And she sounds way nasally.

Astro asks LA Reid if he should perform. Yep, I don’t think you deserve to be here either little homie. He performs a slicked out song with the Jacksons hook for Never Can Say Goodbye. He even spit about all the judges. This dude is amazing.

LA says that Stacy did a really good job, but Astro acted a little bit like a quitter. I didn’t see him give up at all. LA is sending home Stacy.

Nicole respects Stacy and sticks with her girl and wants to send home Astro.

Paula says it’s not how you start, but how you finish. Paula sends home Stacy.

Simon says he doesn’t like Astro’s attitude and makes him unfold his arms. Astro says he’s not being disrespectful and just didn’t want to perform for the fans if they want to put him in the bottom two. The tears are flowing. Simon expects him to act like an adult. Isn’t the kid 14? Simon keeps Astro and sends Stacy home.

Stacy is dramatic to the core. She was dramatic on her way in and dramatic on her way out.