Ha. And how many of you knew that there was a “House Party 3” or “4”?

Anyway, I was home on Saturday evening, flipping through channels while waiting for a friend to drop by so we could go to dinner. As I flipped through the video channels (MTV2, MTV3, VH-1 Soul, Fuse and VH-1 Classic are all next to one another), I recognized a very familiar face.

It was Christopher Reid, AKA “Kid” from Kid ‘n Play, the rap duo who scored a hit movie with “House Party” back in the day (and briefly had their own Saturday morning cartoon..I remember watching the New Kids on the Block cartoon and then flipping over to Kid ‘n Play. I think “Hammerman” started a year later).

At any rate, while Play soldiers on in gospel plays (he’s a born-again Christian), Kid had carved out a reasonable career as a stand-up comedian. However, the music bug came calling again…

…and lo and behold, it’s not that bad? While KNP weren’t the greatest of emcees during their heyday (even catching a couple of disses from Vanilla Ice), Kid’s sound is refreshingly old-school (which it should be…after all, the dude is 44).

How come Full Force isn’t singing the background vocals on this?