We Are The World 25 For Haiti

Today, the We Are The World 25 For Haiti music video was released. Lionel Richie was on Oprah Winfrey earlier to talk about it.

According to MTV.com, Richie told Oprah how Michael Jackson would be included in the song and video.

He said:

We have Michael singing that exact part [the chorus] and Janet singing along with him.

Without further ado, here is the video along with a few comments from me underneath:

– Justin Bieber sings Lionel’s intro?

– Is that Nicole “The Terminator” Scherzinger singing next to Jennifer Hudson?

– Putting MJ and Janet together was very classy and cool. I’m proud of how they included him.

– Babs Streisand? Tony Bennett? I guess they had to average out the age because of Bieber and Miley Ray Cyrus.

– I think Enrique Iglesias had a hard time escaping our love.

– I think they should’ve had Jamie Foxx do Brother Ray’s memorable part.

– I get Wyclef being a part of the song, but they should’ve told him to save the “someone please call 911” voice.

– I thought Stevie Wonder came back for round two, but it was really Adam Levine.

– I’m surprised Pink wasn’t singing in the air and twirling around.

– Lionel: “Hey Usher, see, what we want you to do is do Huey Lewis’ part.” Usher: “Who is Huey Lewis?”

– Thankfully, I didn’t enlarge the video, or else Fergie’s face would’ve made me fall out of my chair. As it was, I only hid my eyes.

– Nicole “The Terminator” Scherzinger gets two parts? Is Lionel gettin’ that?

– Look at Toni Braxton with the 1980s skater hair-cut. Someone un-broke her heart.

– In the case of Lil’ Wayne, this time I approve of the Auto-tune.

– In the case of Akon, I don’t approve of the Auto-tune. Dude can sing a little bit.

– In the case of T-Pain, well, I would’ve rather seen MC Hammer on the track.

– Well, I guess I got my wish with Jamie singing Brother Ray’s part.

– I love that Uncle L, future of the funk, is leading the hip hop section. But um, where’s Kanye? And is that Tyrese with the rappers? Black Ty?

– Ok, there’s Kanye, but what is will.i.am doing standing with Kanye. Dude can’t hold Kanye’s jockstrap in a suit case.

There it is. I thought Quincy Jones and Lionel Richie did a really good job with the song, blending the original with some hip hop, and Wyclef’s Haitian sound.