Before I start this write-up, I wanted to mention that Music Help Web has a Twitter page. You can read us on Twitter where we update quick news items that aren’t necessarily something we’d blog about, but still are important. Now, onto the show.

Last night’s show was Mariah Carey Night. All of the remaining contestants performed Mimi’s songs and overall, I was very surprised at how well they did. I figured we were in for a tough night. While I didn’t necessarily agree with the judges that David Cook did a great version of Always Be My Baby, as the reason I like that song is because it’s fun and innocent and he took all of that away, I do think they were fair and gave everyone just about what they deserved.

– Has anyone noticed that Randy Jackson’s side burns are nearing Brandon and Dylan levels from nearly 15 years ago?

– The Idol contestants are performing One Sweet Day by Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men and Jason Castro croaked through the very first verse. I think they told him to lip synch the rest of the way.

– I predict a Brooke, Carly, and KL Cook bottom three by the way.

– Ryno is splitting the folks into two groups tonight without telling them what being in either group means. In one group is Syesha, Carly, and Jason and in the other is David Cook, Brooke (straight), and KL Cook. David Archuleta is the only one not in a group.

– A man that used to look like Elliot Yamin but has terrible facial hair and a curly mop on top of his head is singing what seems to be his next single. I wished for Trainwreck, but he’s singing Free.

– Mariah isn’t singing Touch My Body, which I’m guessing is because she’d probably have to dance a little bit. But she’s instead singing Bye Bye and standing as straight as the mic stand.

– She’s not as skinny as the toothpick that is Brooke White, but Mimi is looking skinny.

– Whichever group Big Dave Archuleta joins must be the group that is safe, because it would have four members versus three.

– That Ryno is such a sneaky guy. He just switched David Cook with Syesha. David Cook, Carly, and Jason Castro are safe along with Big Dave.

– Syesha is safe, leaving the two blondies.

– Brooke is safe and Big Rube Studdard will celebrate this year’s Sanjaya, KL Cook, home.

Next week is Andrew Lloyd Webber? Did I hear that right?

(I guess so – check out this message board thread.)