I first knew something was up when Akon said something in an interview about being a non-English speaking immigrant as a young man and then birth records popped up stating that the singer was actually born in the U.S.
So I’m not surprised at all about the reports that, thanks to The Smoking Gun website, place Akon as one big-ass phony.
Not that he’s the only celebrity to lie about his or her backstory, but Akon’s tales of being a big-time criminal and whooping asses in jail trump just about anyone’s I’ve heard, and that includes Vanilla Ice’s tall tales about going to school with Luke Campbell, being a Motocross champion and getting shot in the ass.
The question now is, are any of the 3 million people that bought Akon’s last album going to care? And who will be the next hip-hopper with a “thug” past to be exposed as a studio gangster??