JSlow 6 means one thing for me. It means the birth of my first son Brian. The year was 1999. This was also the first JSlow that wasn’t recorded on audio tape. My wife at the time bought me a CD recorder.

But back to Brian for a second. As I reflect back to when he was born, it really seems fantasy-like. It’s like he was born, and now he’s 9 years old. Where did all the time go? We have a pretty special relationship and he always knows how to put me in the right mood. I hope I do the same for him.

Who knew Lark Voorhies was in this video?

JSlow 6: A New Beginning (circa late 1999)

  1. Crazy Over You – 112
  2. One Day You’ll Be Mine – Usher
  3. My Love Is Your Live – Whitney Houston
  4. Silly Man – Tony Rich
  5. Don’t Rush (Take Love Slowly) – K-Ci & JoJo
  6. Right Here Waiting – Monica featuring 112
  7. These Are The Times – Dru Hill
  8. If You’re An Angel – Tony Rich
  9. Angel – Sarah McLachlan
  10. Ex Factor – Lauryn Hill
  11. When A Woman’s Fed Up – R. Kelly
  12. Never Say Never – Brandy
  13. Show Me The Way To Your Heart – Brian McKnight
  14. Ribbon In The Sky – Stevie Wonder
  15. Half On A Baby – R. Kelly
  16. To Zion – Lauryn Hill

It’s funny looking back at these tapes and seeing what I was listening to back then. I’m not sure that I’ve listened to Monica’s version of Right Here Waiting in years. And that might’ve been the last Whitney Houston song that I liked.

  • Two Tony Rich songs? Dude was talented, but still, two Tony Rich songs?
  • Usher would go on to cut at least 10 slow jams that were better than this one.
  • That Sarah McLachlan song threw me for a loop. I forgot I had some SM on my slow jam tapes.
  • Man, when do the R. Kelly songs end on my tapes?
  • But at least I found a way to add some more Stevie.
  • Look at your career they said, Lauryn baby use your head, but instead I chose to use my heart.

    To Zion – Lauryn Hill (Featuring Carlos Santana)

The next JSlow was a Jodecidal JSlow.

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