Money Mike and I did a “test run” for Sonic Clash Radio, which is our foray into the world of podcasting. Just remember that it’s a test run. But we had a ton of fun and hope to do more episodes in the future.

If you have any thoughts about the show in general, drop us a comment. Is the audio too low? Can you hear us clearly? Does it move too fast, too slow? What do you want to hear us talk about?

You will get to enjoy:

– My debut as a producer. No, there are no boards to be behind, but I get to play drops and put callers through (if and when we get callers).

– Mike going through all the new releases this week, including thoughts on new albums from Common, Brandy, and Maroon 5.

– Mike and I discussing Britney Spears topping the charts.

– And a whole lotta news in the music world.

As P. Diddy once said, just press play (below).

To download the show, right click and save the link below.

Sonic Clash Radio – Episode 1