You can read about JSlo 3 here.

Ok, finally we have an inspiration. The previous two editions of Jam Slow really didn’t have much of an inspiration except that I just liked slow jams. But I had just met Carol (who eventually became my wife) and she became the inspiration for JSlow 4 Life (as well as everything until JSlow 15). This was one of my favorite editions of JSlow as it was a whopping 20 songs. This was back in the day when I did them on tapes and there were these things called 90 minute cassettes.

Music is personal. You hear great songs and immediately put yourself into the lyrics. The songs become about you and about your life. That’s what slow jams were for me.

JSlow 4 Life (circa 1997/1998)

  1. Heaven – NuFlavor
  2. My Body – LSG
  3. I Don’t Wanna Be Alone – Shai
  4. When Your Body Gets Weak – Babyface
  5. Love Ballad – K-Ci & JoJo
  6. Come With Me – Shai
  7. Don’t Say – Jon B.
  8. In My Bed – Dru Hill
  9. 4 Seasons Of Lonliness – Boyz II Men
  10. She’s Out Of My Life – Michael Jackson
  11. We’re Not Making Love No More – Dru Hill
  12. Water Runs Dry – Boyz II Men
  13. Are You Still Down – Jon B.
  14. 5 Steps – Dru Hill
  15. Anytime – Brian McKnight
  16. I Will Be There – 112
  17. Seven Seas – Babyface
  18. Now And Forever – K-Ci & JoJo
  19. Crazy Love – Brian McKnight
  20. I Said I Love You – Babyface

This JSlow was dominated by two things. First, again, R&B groups, where have you gone? Nu Flavor (hey no making fun), LSG, Shai, K-Ci & JoJo, Dru Hill, Boyz II Men, and 112. Second, I put way too much Babyface on here. I apologize. His album The Day was a favorite of mine. It was mostly because of his title track which described impending fatherhood in a way I’d never heard it before. And though I was only 21, I was already itching to become a dad. This would become reality, just two year later.

  • I only have two NuFlavor songs on my iPod – Heaven and Little Words, which the latter is most famous for being on something like 4 episodes straight of Beverly Hills 90210, including a live performance at the Peach Pit. My 90210 knowledge knows no bounds.
  • Boyz II Men is actually on here three times, as they sang background on Face’s When Your Body Gets Weak.
  • I had to sneak an 18 year old (at the time) MJ song on here as JSlow wasn’t JSlow without MJ – then I devoted an entire edition (JSlow 11) to the man. And yes, he really cries at the end.

  • I managed to actually sneak Tupac onto a JSlow as he raps in Jon B’s Are You Still Down.
  • I needed one more song for time reasons, so Water Runs Dry was added at the last minute. Not that I don’t love the song, but it was fairly played out by then.
  • I was a fan of 112 for about one album and a half, and after Only You, my favorite 112 song is I Will Be There.

JS5 would be very wacky. It was like the potpourri of JSlow.