Well, at least Mario let us know this time on the Wednesday show that they were eliminating two acts again. He failed to let us know about this last week and it came as a surprise. They’re really speeding through the show to get it done before American Idol comes back. Just based on how many acts are left to eliminate, I think we’re going to see at least one or two more double elimination nights.

So what happened?

Like last week, they quickly sent home the lowest vote-getter who turned out to be Arin Ray. It wasn’t much of a surprise as I predicted that he’d be one to go home. But my second prediction wasn’t correct as Paige Thomas went through to next week and she was just as surprised as I was.

In the bottom three were Emblem3, Beatrice Miller, and CeCe Frey. And one of those three was not like the others. They predictably sent Emblem3 through as they should’ve. It was down to Beatrice and CeCe.

On Wednesday night, Frey was super-emotional talking about her older sister who passed away from complications of cerebral palsy. Her performance wasn’t good and it was a bit heartbreaking because after her story, you wanted her to do well. But it’s time. She deserves to go.

Beatrice was good, though I think the show and the opportunity are too big for her. Unlike Carly Rose who seems to be built for this opportunity, Beatrice can’t seem to handle the pressure and the bigness of the show.

In a terrible strategic move, CeCe decided to sing “Because Of You”. Did Demi’s eyebrows help her choose this one? When your vocals are nowhere near as powerful as Kelly Clarkson, it’s bad meaning bad, not bad meaning good.

It should’ve been easy money for Beatrice to go through after CeCe’s off-key performance, but she couldn’t keep her composure. She cried throughout the song and vocally wasn’t sharp.

Who went home?

LA Reid chose to send home Beatrice and Simon did as well. And it was such a huge mistake. Simon was right in that Beatrice might not be ready for this. But that’s not his job. It’s Britney’s job. If you shape Beatrice up, you can sell her to the masses. No one is ever going to buy a CeCe Frey record. She’s just a terrible, terrible singer.

What was the voting order?

1. Carly Rose Sonenclar
2. Tate Stevens
3. Vino Alan
4. Emblem3
5. Diamond White
6. Paige Thomas
7. Fifth Harmony
8. CeCe Frey

What does it all mean?

It shows that Carly Rose is becoming a much better performer. Early on, she was uneasy, but now she’s piling up the votes. Unless someone stumbles, next week looks like CeCe Frey’s last ride. Emblem3 is also creeping up the fan voting as well. If Simon can give them a bit more tenderness, they may get inside that top three and I think Tate Stevens is the one who will fall.

See you next week.