I’m thoroughly confused about the elimination show. Is every show from here on out a double elimination night? Was it planned like this? Or are they making it up as they go? Don’t they know it’s utterly unfair for the person who finishes third from the bottom to have a chance to be eliminated?

By the way, there’s a reason why American Idol is still the top show in this genre. While they change it up from time to time, we know exactly what hand they’re playing every elimination show. Ryan Seacrest has clear instructions with everything they’re doing. I feel like the folks behind the X Factor don’t know what they’re doing until they do it.

So what happened?

They immediately went to the first elimination and America’s fascination with CeCe Frey continues even though she’s the worst contestant to get this far in a competition since Sanjaya. I’m not sure CeCe has even sung in key yet. She can continue to go on as long as no one who has a chance to win the competition leaves before she does. And I think there are only three acts who can win. I list them at the bottom.

Paige Thomas received the lowest number of votes and was booted. She was fairly calm and even said she was moving onto bigger and better things. Really? Bigger than X Factor?

Alicia Keys also performed and to me, Katniss Everdeen will always be the girl on fire. Quit biting Alicia!

The final two came down to Diamond White and Vino Alan. You can put that one on LA Reid. There’s no way that Vino Alan should’ve been in that spot. LA made a last second song choice change that resulted in Vino giving his worst performance of the season after being ranked highly during every week before. Diamond looked awkward last night clearly not wanting to dance, but having to at least give the old middle school try.

Who went home?

Following Paige “Bigger And Better Things” Thomas out the door was … VINO ALAN!

Diamond performed “I Was Here” from Beyonce’s latest album. It was a fairly boring performance, but then again, it’s a pretty boring song even when Beyonce sings it. Vino performed “Trouble”, which was one of the songs he did early in the auditions. If you were basing the entire elimination on this performance, Vino wins.

You knew that Demi would vote Vino out. She and Britney seem to be slightly intimidated by him even though he’s a big teddy bear on stage. And when Simon eliminated him rather than Diamond, you had to think that maybe, he was sticking it to LA just a bit. In the end, Diamond is probably more marketable because of her appeal to kids, but for this show on this week, Vino was better.

What was the voting order?

1. Carly Rose Sonenclar
2. Tate Stevens
3. Emblem3
4. Fifth Harmony
5. CeCe Frey
6. Diamond White

What does it all mean?

Even though she was Carly Yawn Sonenclar on Wednesday’s show, Carly Rose has figured this thing out. Early on, she was so robotic like she was doing an impression of Vicki impression from “Small Wonder”. But she’s absolutely figured out the stage presence thing. She may be unstoppable because she also has the best voice.

I think the top three acts are the only acts who can win the show. I would love to see Emblem3 move Tate Stevens out of his second spot so they can challenge Carly Rose for the top spot. I think they have some tricks up their sleeve.