So, as stated before, I’m looking for folks who might be interested in doingf a Sunday Seven of their own, since I’d like to know what’s in YOUR CD collections. If you want to contribute on a Sunday in the future, drop me a line ( and I’ll sign you up.

My dear iPod is about to be completely filled. I’m operating with about 1.5 gigs left. One solid release day and I’m sunk. Let the unchecking begin!

Here’s this week’s seven:

Track 1: “Faith In You” by P.M. Dawn (from “Dearest Christian, I’m So Very Sorry for Bringing You Here, Love Dad”)

My buddy Robert Cass from popdose mentioned in my comment section (I think?) that Prince Be either is going or has gone blind from complications relating to diabetes, which is sad, not only because no one deserves to go blind, but because I’m diabetic and I guess that’s what happens when you don’t take care of yourself. At any rate, the rumors haven’t been confirmed, but Be said in a recent VH-1 interview that he fell into a diabetic coma at the height of PM Dawn’s success, he’s never spotted without sunglasses, and he uses a cane, so…Sad stuff.

Anyways, this is yet another beautiful ballad that proves that Prince Be is an underrated pop craftsman. The beginning sounds a little too much like “Memory Bliss” for my tastes, but this turns out to be a very pretty love song.

Track 2: “Motownphilly (remix)” by Boyz II Men (from “Cooleyhighharmony (special edition)”)

Strangely, the last time I checked PM Dawn’s website, they were opening for these guys, who came full circle last year with the release of a Motown covers album. After all, they were originally signed to the label and their first single was called “Motownphilly”. I’ve no clue why this remix is on my iPod. I mean, it’s not bad, but the LP version is MUCH better. This one adds synth strings, a skip-py sort of beat and some piano reminiscent of early house. It’s eh. I might uncheck this one. Anyone remember the video with Mike Bivins on the can?

Track 3: “What We Gonna Do About Us” by Dream (from “It Was All a Dream”)

Remember Dream? This foursome was Sean “Puffy” Combs’s attempt to get some of that Britney/Christina money at the height of the 21st century. They released one halfway decent album, featuring this bouncy song, filled with girlish harmonies and squiggly synths. I swear another Bad Boy artist recorded a song with this exact same title. Maybe Total? Puff recycles song titles the way he recycles old songs for his hits. Ha!! I kill me!!

Hey, what happened to these girls anyway?

Track 4: “Lonesome Day” by Bruce Springsteen (from “The Rising”)

“The Rising” was Springsteen’s “9/11” album, and I say that completely without sarcasm. He was one of the musicians who put his money and his talent where his might was, and the fact that he was a local guy gave him a proximity to the events that informed his music with more gravity than other topical albums. That said, this song sounds a hell of a lot like “The Rising”‘s title track, and I’m surprised that more people don’t call The Boss out for plagiarising himself pretty often. Then again, it’s Bruce. He made “Tunnel of Love”, so he can be forgiven.

I actually met The Boss once, back in my Tower Records to. Normally, if I run into celebrities, I leave them alone, but I walked up to Bruce and said hello. To give you an idea of how long ago this was, Springsteen was buying laserdiscs. I’m sure half of you are scratching your heads right now going “what the hell is a laserdisc?”. Never mind.

Track 5: “One” by Three Dog Night (from “The Millennium Collection: The Best of Three Dog Night”)

I’ll admit. I didn’t truly discover this song until they played it in an episode of “Family Guy”. I’m absolutely positive I’d heard the song before, as when I lived with my folks, the radio station was almost always tuned to Lite-FM when it wasn’t on the religious station. Man, I love this song. I have nothing else to say other than this video is awesome as well.

Track 6
: “Do You Believe Me” by Anita Baker (from “The Songstress”)

While most people these days know Anita Baker as a quiet storm diva, the Detroit girl has a bit of funk in her, as evidenced by this tune from her 1983 debut effort. This was a burn from slightly warped vinyl, so it’s just a tad bit out of key, but the groove is still pretty damn funky.

(By the way, there was an hour gap between Track 5 and Track 6 on this shuffle, because my building decided to turn on the heat tonight and the radiators smoked so hard that the fire alarms went off. So I stood outside-with my cat in her carrier-for an hour while the fire department and police came, but I got to meet my neighbors finally-so I guess it was all good).

Track 7: “Everybody’s Changing” by Keane (from “Hopes & Fears”)

These guys got a bit of buzz around the same time Coldplay broke through, and I think they suffered a bit due to being unable to get out from under the shadow of Chris Martin and company. If you give these guys a liste, though, they’re really good. This is a shimmering midtempo piano track (there was no guitar on either of their first two albums) that was a highlight of their debut album. Their third album is scheduled for release a little later this year. I linked to their new single a couple of weeks back, and it’s an awesome track. Keep your eye on these guys.

Three videos for you this time. Enjoy, and stay away from smoking radiators.