John Oates' MoustacheThis was too good to pass up…

I recently came across an article on that says that there is a cartoon in the works called “J-Stache”. This animated series will focus on the adventures of one of the great mustachioed men of our time, John Oates. Oates will be a mild-mannered (wait for it) FAMILY MAN (that’s a Hall & Oates song, people) who turns into a crime-fighting superhero when his mustache attracts him back to being a rock star.

Said mustache will be voiced by Dave Atell, meaning that this will automatically be the funniest thing Atell has ever been in.

The coolest thing about this is that Oates is totally co-signing it! He’s got a fantastic sense of humor about it, although I guess I would too if a cartoon about my facial hair was going to potentially make me a shitload of money.

According to the article, the pilot episode will focus on Oates trying to open a wing of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (an institution that H2O are curiously not members of) dedicated to mustachioed musicians and joining forces with David Crosby and Tom Selleck.

One word=awesome. I’m so there, it’s not even funny.

Daryl Hall’s perfectly coiffed tresses had no comment.