So…nearly 21 years since “Licensed To Ill” was released and me and my 6th grade classmates were reciting the words to this song on the school bus, I figured I’d head over to my good friend Wikipedia and find out what a “brass monkey” actually is.

Well, it appears that the old monkey can refer to either of two concoctions. One is a mixture of rum, vodka and orange juice (which sounds tasty, yet toxic) and the other is a 40 of malt liquor mixed with OJ (which I would imagine the Beasties were referring to), which is just gross. Those of you-and I know there are many-who are connosieurs of cheap beer know what malt liquor tastes like, and I think we can all agree that we’d much rather drink…well, anything. Add orange juice to the mix and…well, let’s just say I’m making the stank face just thinking about it.

Anyway, that was one hell of a digression, wasn’t it? It took me a LONG time to appreciate the genius of “Licensed To Ill”. While The Beasties have gone on to create significantly more mature work and at least one genius album since (hello, “Paul’s Boutique”), the quaintness and (despite plenty of violence) almost cartoonish nature of “Ill” has stood up well over two decades plus. “Brass Monkey” was the only track that I liked initially, it’s my favorite track on the album to this day (although “Paul Revere” is a close second), and it still gets played whenever I feel like being mindless and silly. It’s a fantastic song to get fucked up to, which I suppose is it’s intended purpose. And if this isn’t already a karaoke favorite (I’ve never seen it performed), damn it, it should be.

Here’s a live performance of the song from about four or five years ago. If this was shot at Madison Square Garden (which I think it was), then I was AT this show! After all this time The Beasties still put on a hell of a show, and MCA still sounds like he needs to gargle. Enjoy.

Now come on everybody, let’s get…