Everyone knows the time. It’s right before a special event. Before every Super Bowl, big fight, or special game, someone important sings “The Star Spangled Banner”, which is our national anthem. It’s a pretty bland song in general, but it has peaks that gets the crowd moving every time. Though there are more beautifully songs written about our country, this is the one that’s the America’s chosen song.

When I was a kid, my dad used to tell me about the greatest version ever performed. He said that in 1983 at the Forum in Inglewood, right before the NBA All Star Game, Marvin Gaye turned the anthem out. And then he played it for me. Every time I think about that song, I think of Gaye’s performance.

I was reminded of that performance today as I watched an episode of ESPN’s short documentary series about Team USA basketball’s drive for the gold medal. Head coach Mike Kryzewski showed his team Gaye’s performance as a way to inspire them.

Whenever you need a little bit of that country pride, lean on Marvin.