Next week is “The Best You’ve Never Heard” week on Music Help Web. Before I let you know exactly what that is, I’m going to give you a little bit of background on why we’re having a themed week.

Money Mike has put together a fantastic group of writers for this site. No one has exactly the same taste in music. Everyone is different. I was thinking of ways to showcase the variety that you can find on this site and came up with an idea. I wanted to allow each writer to write about one of their favorite songs from one of their favorite artists. But rather than write about a song that’s famous, I wanted them to write about a song that is a little less known. I wanted them to find that one gem that they hold true to their heart that for whatever reason, never hit.

Thus, starting Monday, you’ll be able to read blog posts from some of our writers based around the same theme. Money Mike will lead things off Monday and I’ll finish it up at the end of the week. Look forward to seeing our inner music geek. It will be “The Best You’ve Never Heard”.