Exactly how many country music awards shows are there? I can’t tell the CMAs from the CMTs from the…well, I think there’s another one. Despite the fact that I’m a fan of some current pop-rock/country, I don’t think I could sit through two hours of yeehaws and cowboy hats.

Nevertheless, the Country Music Awards aired last night (pre-empting “Modern Family”…grrrr…), and, as expected Taylor Swift made a big splash, winning four awards including Entertainer of the Year, which had gone to Kenny Chesney for three years straight. Taylor’s a pretty likeable chick, I’m happy for her, and I must admit that my resolve is breaking and I might wind up going out and buying “Fearless” finally. Hey, did anyone see her host “SNL” this past weekend? She served poor Joe Jonas. Anyway, Taylor also won Album of the Year, Best Female Vocalist and Best Video of the Year. Next up for her, the American Music Awards, where she will vie for the lion’s share of the night’s honors with Michael Jackson. Oh, Taylor is also the youngest artist to ever win the Entertainer of the Year honor.

Other CMA winners included Sugarland, Brad Paisley, Lady Antebellum and my older twin brother Darius Rucker, who won New Artist of the Year, becoming only the second African-American artist to ever win a CMA. Might this be the most successful pop-to-country crossover in history? Remember, yall: Darius was doing Burger King commercials a few years ago. Now he’s a platinum-selling recording artist again. Good for him. I still have nightmares about that damn commercial.