Run, Swedish House Mafia, Run!

After the apocalypse the only things remaining were the desert, some wealthy (and competitive!) Euro-disco freak-a-zoids, and a grapefruit. Oh, and also a sliver of post-nuclear genetic material, which would later be identified and decoded by the machines as the rapidly mutating, radioactive stem cells of that instrumental break from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” – y’know the one, that part where the zombies do the zombie dance. The scientists, because they had nothing better to do, took the ribonucleic remains of that long-extinct groove, and reconstructed it, magnifiying it, amplifying it, creating the Third Millennium sonic beast they called “Greyhound”. This, much to the amusement of the freak-a-zoids.

Is this a music video for the latest single from Swedish House Mafia? Or is it the latest ad from Absolut Vodka, introducing their new Greyhound brand? Unlike the latest video stunt by , “Greyhound” succeeds wildly as both. There’s an edited version of this that’s starting to show up on the TV, but you can see the whole wonderful George Lucas fever-dream of it below. Then you can (and should) go download the full seven-minute single, put it on your iPod, and go running (with the dogs, tonight). Enjoy this responsibly.