Something even more embarrassing than getting caught soliciting an undercover cop?

A video from the early days of a popular singer/songwriter’s career that finds him sporting a white tee, a leather jacket, and no shoes…RAPPING.

While I’d been aware of Wham!’s “Fantastic!” album (and have owned it for years), I had no idea that a video existed for the duo’s first single, “Wham! Rap”, until my friend Dave alerted me of the fact a week or so ago.

If you need some comedy to start off your week, look no further, my friends.

How sad is it that George Michael circa 1982 raps better than most emcees on the charts today?

Those of you who are familiar with “Wham! Rap” will also notice that George re-wrote the lyrics for the single/video version.

Still shaking your head, huh? Don’t say that MHW has never brightened your day.