Last month, the band Scouting for Girls scored a number one hit in their native Great Britain with a song called “This Ain’t a Love Song”, the lead single from their just-released (just not released here) sophomore album Everybody Wants To Be On TV. Though the London-based trio has an apparent knack for amiable alterna-pop, drawing easy comparisons to Keane for their pretty pianos-guitars-and-strings arrangments while demonstrating an understated Brit wit and a refreshingly unironic affection for retro pop culture on songs like their delightful 2008 hit single “I Wish I Was James Bond”, they’ve nevertheless been shut out of the American market for the time being – a sad state of affairs considering the general irresistitiblity of “This Ain’t a Love Song”. The video for the song takes place in an airport, an accidentally well-timed theme given that the video came out in the immediate wake of the Eyjafjallajokull eruption when, for a time, large populations were virtually living in European airports awaiting departures.