I will warn you that there’s no real direction to this. Read at your own risk. It’s a bit of a hodge podge.

My main man Money Mike should have a review up of John Mayer’s new album, Battle Studies pretty soon, but after watching John Mayer’s concert on Fuse and hearing Battle Studies a few times, I felt the need to put some thoughts out there about the man of the hour, the man with power, too sweet to be sour (word to Superstar Billy Graham).

John Mayer's Battle Studies

John Mayer's Battle Studies

– One of my favorite Twitterers, ToureX tweeted out that the John Mayer concert he was hosting was filled with females and noticed that Mayer isn’t necessarily a guy oozing machismo.
He said:

At a John Mayer concert filled with chicks. Guys think machimso wins girls but humble guys like Mayer drive em crazy.

Is John Mayer humble? He seems kind of smug and smarmy to me. Money Mike calls him “douchey”. I wonder what girls think about the way he handles himself. If you’re female (or wish to be female, or have a female understanding, or simply like to wear pink), comment below. We guys might just be hating and maybe ToureX is on the money.

– My friend Carletta tweeted out something pretty brilliant the other day.
She said:

I think Mayer has relationships only to have things to write songs about. Works for me.

It does seem that young John likes to love them and leave them and then write about them and sing about them. Who’s next on his list? My money is on him stealing Scarlett Johansson away from Ryan Reynolds who then goes on a roid rage, only to take a guitar to the face. And then Johansson and Mayer leave to Barbados, happily ever after until he needs a new muse for some breakup songs. Works for Usher right?

Battle Studies is a pretty good record. It’s doesn’t come close to touching Continuum, which I have given “classic” status to, but there are some good songs on it. Mayer compares the dissolving of a relationship to a battle with lines like, “Red wine and ambien, you’re talking shit again, it’s heartbreak warfare,” in Heartbreak Warfare, and goes a little wacky on us with Who Says with my favorite line, “I don’t remember you lookin’ any better, but then again, I don’t remember you.”

– I think he might have a hit record with Half Of My Heart if he recuts it with more of Taylor Swift on the hook. She is the it girl. And maybe have Kanye West come on and throw 16 on it. Hey, why not? He and Kanye have already worked together before. Check out Bittersweet.

– Mayer in concert isn’t too interesting until he gets to go crazy on the guitar. He performed most of his hits, as well as certain songs from Continuum that Mayer fans adore like Gravity and Belief. But he didn’t perform my favorite Johnny Mayer track, which is the last cut on the album, I’m Gonna Find Another You.

You might have your reasons, but you will never have my rhyme
I’m gonna sing my way away from blue
I’m gonna find another you

– I also noticed that Mayer is way skinnier than you ever thought and that he has arms the size of pipe cleaners.

– Lastly, in the last song on Battle Studies, Mayer talks about how you can only be friends or lovers with someone, and you can’t really have it both ways. In Friends, Lovers, Or Nothing he kind of shows his ass a bit. I’m proof that you can have a dual relationship after the fact, so maybe my main man Johnny Mayer needs to just be a bit nicer to Jessica and Jennifer and maybe they’ll stick around. But then again, he won’t have a muse for the heartbreaks and warfare.