How often do you get a chance to support a good cause and get turned on to some good new music as well?

California’s own Port O’Brien has been touring the country in support of their recently released album, “Threadbare”. I was fortunate enough to catch these guys play the Paradise in Boston a couple months back, and I was also fortunate enough to catch band members Van Pierszalowski and Ryan Stively at the merch table following their set. They were great, personable guys, the music was awesome, and Van (who was rocking a pretty sweet yellow Lil Wayne tee of his own)¬†was nice enough to give me a Port O’Brien tee shirt.

Anyway, this band is doing their part to support the relief efforts in Haiti. If you go to their website, you can download “The Pan American Sessions”, an EP featuring alternate versions of four songs from “Threadbare”. 100% of the proceeds from this release will be donated to Doctors Without Borders relief efforts in the hurricane-stricken country.

Lots of us talk a good game, but don’t back it up. Four bucks is a drop in the bucket for most of you out there. By contributing, not only will you be donating to a great cause, but you might just wind up with a new favorite band, too.