Is Whitney Houston Undefeated?
US vs. Them had this possible album cover for Whitney Houston’s next album. I’m not sure it’s legit, but if it is, she has absolutely no idea what sexy is. I’m Your Baby, Tonight Whitney had a little appeal to her. Undefeated Whitney must look up to Calista Flockhart. And I just insulted Harrison Ford.

Michael Hasn’t Made An Album In 7 Years And Dude Is Still In The News
Neverland is no more. The Sheikh of Bahrain sues him. And a mystery illness keeps him from traveling. If Mike put out an album every 2 years, he wouldn’t have all this free time to screw up so much. I just hope he doesn’t tell the Sheikh, “You ain’t bad, you ain’t nothin!”

Kanye West Says There Are Limitations To Rapping
Maybe limitations to his rapping? Well, the man who is going to make auto tune go out of style says the reason he sings is because …

I can get a rise out of you by spitting a really good punch line and stuff, but what if I tried to … what if I tried to teach you your ABCs like this: ‘A… B… C… D…’ — as soon as you think ABCs, you think of the melody. You were taught with it. I’m trying to deliver a message and melody throughout the entire [album]. I still come from a hip-hop vibe though, yeah.”

I’m not sure that really made sense, but basically he’s saying that he’s trying to reach us through his singing. He wants his music to be as memorable as the melody to the ABCs. Well, what he should understand is that we get that melody from the great production of his rap songs and he hasn’t had to sing a lick. I’m very scared about 808s & Heartbreak.

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