These stories were just so odd/funny/crazy that I had to post them.

The Players Don’t Dwell In Room 112
Thanks to Soulbounce for giving us at least some news on Bad Boy’s old group, 112. However, it’s bad news. According to the article, Michael Keith says that 112 is no more because of some shady business dealings. Not like I necessarily want to hear another 112 album again, but you hate to hear these stories about old music groups who at one time had success, and can’t deal with not being successful anymore. Is it bad that the only member I remember is Slim?

John Cena gets ready to defend the title

John Cena gets ready to defend the title

M.O.P. Sues John Cena And WWE
The SOHH blog had the story about M.O.P. suing the WWE because John Cena’s theme music uses a made up phrase that samples an old M.O.P. tune.

The Infringing Work includes a distinctive ‘freestyle’ rap — ‘BRRR Abado’ that has been sampled from the Infringed Work and is clearly repeated three times in the Infringing Work, at the introduction, the second chorus, and the third chorus.

Settle it in the ring!

The offending material is at the 11 second mark. Play below.

The Time Is Now – John Cena

Jermaine Jackson Says The Jacksons Are Going To Reunite – Again! has a story where Jermaine Jackson says that the Jacksons will reunite in 2009 and baby sister Janet will open up the show. I won’t believe it when I see it. I’ll believe it when Michael says it.

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