mj81According to published reports, Michael Jackson is holding a press conference on Thursday during which he will announce a multi-night residency at London’s O2 arena. The King of Pop’s last tour was in 1995, and his last live performance appearance was in 2006 at the World Music Awards. Personally, I hope Michael brings his act home to the U.S., not only because his American fans deserve it, but because I don ‘t want to have to travel all the way to London to see my favorite entertainer. And you’d better believe that I’m considering it.

The bubble might be bursting a little quicker than expected for The Jonas Brothers. Following their somewhat embarrassing performance at February’s Grammy Awards ceremony, the JoBros saw their much ballyhooed concert movie come in second place at the box office behind Madea Goes to Jail. While it’s $17 million gross is nothing to sneeze at, it’s roughly half of what prognosticators were initially predicting the film would do. The soundtrack album is expected to debut this week, also with a number that’s below expectations. Hmmm…I think a JoBro might have to get arrested soon.

Speaking of teen idols, Justin Timberlake inaugurated Jimmy Fallon’s new talk show, and continued his run as one of the most engaging and entertaining talk show/variety show guests in recent memory. Check out a clip of his interview below, before NBC removes it. Excellent jobs impersonating John Mayer & Michael McDonald, with the help of the awesome band, The Roots.