One of our favorite pastimes (well, one of mine, anyway) is trying to figure out the exact moment that Janet Jackson’s career went into the toilet. Was it Nipplegate? Was it the relationship with gnome-like Jermaine Dupri? Was it the obsession with sex that was cute 13 years ago and is absolutely boring now? Was it the fact that she seems to have forgotten how to make good records?

At any rate, the cancellation of Janet’s Rock Witchu tour, following mediocre reviews, tepid ticket sales and a bizarre “illness”, comes as no surprise to most, particularly after opening act LL Cool J bailed out of the tour (dude, are you serious? You’re one of the few people whose career is in worse shape than Janet’s!). Hopefully, this latest career catastrophe sends Janet back to the lab (here’s a hint: bring Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis with you and leave JD at home), where she can make a creative, age-appropriate, non-desperate sounding album and return to the form that gave us classics like this.