So GG and I have done enough trying to explain why two men in their thirties are New Kids on the Block fans (well, he’s straight…at least I can explain away my excuse). The video for “Summertime” debuted on VH-1 Sunday and I have to say…as much as I like the song (and think it was a stroke of genius on the part of whoever picked it as a single), the video is kind of meh.

I don’t know if it’s the fact that Jonathan Knight looks quite uncomfortable surrounded by all those women or the fact that Joey McIntyre needs to do just a wee bit more work on the 6-pack. I mean, it’s fine for what it is, but with the song’s title and nostalgic vibe, I think they could have done better.

I also can’t help but think that I’ve seen portions of this video in other NKOTB videos…although that may have been the intention. To wit…

Now here’s the New Kids’ most recent video prior to “Summertime”, 1994’s “Never Let You Go”

(note, similar “party” scenes)

Now, here’s the video for 1990’s “Games”

(again with the party scenes…and check the Marky Mark cameo)