Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone!

Elliott Yamin’s debut album became one of the more unexpected successes of 2007, scoring Gold sales and spawning a huge hit single with “Wait for You”. After releasing a pair of holiday albums, Yamin is officially back with his second proper album, entitled “Fight for Love”. Elliott took a more active role in the songwriting this time around, and also found the budget for some more big-name collaborators. While Yamin has thankfully not gone the guest rapper route, he is collaborating with the likes of Stargate (who also co-composed “Wait for You”) and Jermaine Dupri. We’ve premiered the single and the video here on SonicClash, so rest assured that this is an album we’re pretty excited for.

Here’s what else is arriving in stores and online this week:

Ciara Fantasy Ride– Ciara’s third album was originally scheduled to come out last fall, but got pushed back due to a variety of reasons. Now, with a pair of hit singles under her belt (“Never Ever” with Young Jeezy and “Love, Sex & Magic” with Justin Timberlake), Ciara is ready to unleash her latest project onto the world. Other collaborators on this album include Missy Elliott and Chris Brown, who was somewhat controversially not removed from his featured track after the whole Rihanna brouhaha.

Chrisette Michele Epiphany-Still an unknown to most people who aren’t fans of contemporary R&B, the jazzy-voiced Michele initially scored as a hook girl for Def Jam labelmates Nas and Jay-Z before scoring a modest hit with her debut album “I Am”. She even won a Grammy earlier this year for the song “Be OK”, which featured will.i.am. Michele’s second album moves her into a more contemporary zone, with up-to-date writing and production by the likes of the ubiquitous Ne-Yo. This one might be worth checking out-look for it to be the sleeper hit of the week.

Ben Harper & Relentless 7 White Lies for Dark Times-I’ve never been much of a Ben Harper fan-he’s always struck me as a milquetoast version of Lenny Kravitz (some of you may argue that Lenny’s already milquetoast enough). Anyway, he’s certainly prolific, releasing albums at an almost once-a-year clip. “White Lies” features a new band called the Relentless 7. The jury’s out as to whether that’ll make his music any more interesting, though.

Peaches I Feel Cream-If Prince had never found Jehovah and was still putting out nasty records by his female proteges, it would be pretty easy to see him getting behind Peaches, for whom filthy is an understatement. I’m not exactly sure what “electroclash”, but I guess that’s a hipster way of saying she makes modern-day dance music, kind of like a Lady GaGa with a much worse attitude and stronger libido. She’s an acquired taste, but if you’re into her, you’re probably already on your way to the record store to pick this up.

As usual, get your full list of this week’s new releases here.