Yesterday’s “It’s Only Rock & Roll” event updated Apple fans on new iPods such as the video camera version of their Nano line, and a souped up iPod Touch. And while there were no mentions of a Beatles catalog to be found, there was an interesting update to the iTunes software that has me at least slightly intrigued.

On Apple’s website, they are touting a new and improved version 9 of their iTunes software. Among new features like Genius iMixes and home sharing, is something they call iTunes LP.

Here’s the copy directly from their website:

The best thing to happen to fandom.
The visual experience of the record album returns with iTunes LP. Download select albums and experience a beautifully designed, interactive world right in your iTunes library on a Mac or PC — many are created by the artists. While you listen to your favorite songs, you can dive into animated lyrics and liner notes, watch performance videos, view artist and band photos, and enjoy other bonus materials. And become an even bigger fan.

One of the reasons that some folks still buy CDs rather than online music is because they feel the need to have a tangible item in their hands when laying down their money. This isn’t going to persuade those folks. However, it looks like people who want something more for their money might be interested in something like this. Marketed towards the uber-fan, the iTunes LP looks to grab a few more dollars for the artist in exchange for a deeper look into the art they are making.

I’m definitely for a better overall music experience. But I also don’t find myself staring at my computer while listening to music. When I listen to music on my computer, it’s much more as a supplement to something else that I’m doing. I listen to music in addition to doing other things like work or clean the house or drive. I don’t imagine that I’ll listen to music while staring at the screen while animations are flying around, as well done as they may be.

However, there must be a market for types of music fans who will enjoy this experience. Will they pay a few dollars more for the iTunes LP experience? I have to admit that I’m intrigued to probably spend a few extra dollars one time just to see what it’s all about.