I’ll admit, I didn’t jump onto the Kings of Leon train until last year. Promotional copies of “Youth & Young Manhood” and “Aha Shake Heartbreak” landed on my desk and were played once and then filed away. Articles screaming their praises in the rock press were glanced at, thumbed through and discarded.

Then I happened to hear “Because of the Times” as I was shopping in a record store. Holy shit, did that album sound good. It wasn’t jammy, noodly swamp-rock, but these dudes had a little bit of a kick to them. If you have a really good sound system, listen to a song like “On Call” and have your mind blown. The groove alone will get ya even without vocals, and once I obtained a copy of the entire album, I was officially a member of the KOL fan club.

3/4 of Kings of Leon: Matthew Followill (left), Caleb Followill (right) and Nathan Followill (drums). Photo by Corentin Lamy.

“Sex on Fire” is the first single from their upcoming fourth album, “Only by the Night” and damn it, does this song smoke. The video’s appreciably weird as well, and the Followill guys (three brothers and a a cousin, for those who are uninitiated) are continuing their metamorphosis from greasy, long-haired bearded dudes to guys who have every right to be singing a song entitled “Sex on Fire” (actually, I’m waiting for diehard fans to start grumbling about how they sold out by cutting their hair). Their legion of fans has grown with each album, now’s the time to make sure Kings of Leon get their propers as one of the best young American bands out right now.

Sex On Fire – Kings Of Leon