Lots of comebacks this week. Let’s get down to business with no further delay:

The cover of Staind\'s new album, \"The Illusion of Progress\".

Staind “The Illusion of Progress”
Staind’s website

Remember when Staind was huge, in like, 2001? Seven years later, lead singer Aaron Lewis and his boys are still mopey and angry, but it’s safe to say that, to quote one of the band’s biggest hits, it’s been a while since anyone really cared. From what I hear, “The Illusion of Progress” is not being heralded as a bold move forward or a jarring change to the band’s sound, which I guess is a good thing, because I can’t picture Staind sounding particularly good sounding like anything other than…Staind. In other words, if you’re already a fan, you’ll probably dig this one. If you’re not, there’ll probably be no need to convert.

Ice Cube “Raw Footage”
Ice Cube’s website
Remember when Ice Cube was huge, back in, like, 1992? The anger (whether righteous or wrongheaded) that made albums like “AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted” and “Death Certificate” hip-hop classics disappeared as soon as Cube started collecting those gigantic Hollywood checks. That said, while it’s been well over a decade since Cube was relevant musically, his albums still sell. His 2006 effort “Laugh Now, Cry Later” went Gold. But do I really want to hear a forty-year old rich movie star try to sound like a gangsta anymore?

Donovan Frankenreiter “Pass it Around”
Donavon Frankenreiter’s website
There’s only a couple weeks left in summer, so Frankenreiter’s latest effort has come out just in time. Like similar-minded artists Jack Johnson, Matt Costa and G-Love (who guests on this album), Frankenreiter traffics in easygoing, feel-good, mellow sounds. His music sounds perfect as the backdrop to an evening at the beach, with a bit of a funkier edge than the aforementioned contemporaries. For those of us who shed a tear at the end of the season, this album just might help us squeeze a few extra drops out of summer. By the way, keep your eyes peeled to win a free copy of this album from us. Details a little later this week.

Shwayze “Shwayze”
Shwayze’s website
First off, I can’t take anyone that names themselves “Shwayze” seriously. Secondly, this guy is a rapper co-signed by Cisco Adler. That sentence is about a thousand different kinds of wrong. Nevertheless, the MTV reality show star has already scored a summer hit with “Corona & Lime” (yay product placement!!) so there’s a very real possibility that this album will turn out to be successful. Is it insensitive to wonder how completely inappropriate will this guy’s stage name be if Patrick Swayze…um, you know…passes away?

David Byrne “Big Love: Hymnal”

David Byrne’s website
The award-winning series about polygamy now has a soundtrack, and it’s brought to you by…David Byrne? The former Talking Heads frontman and musical adventurer has created this 21-track set which bills itself as “Music written for the HBO series plus other recent compositions”. At best, this could be pretty interesting. At worst? Well, considering Byrne, it will probably still be interesting. Hell, the soundtrack already interests me more than the show ever has.

But wait, there’s more! Country/pop legend Glen Campbell (of “Rhinestone Cowboy” fame) releases an album of cover versions called “Meet Glen Campbell”, while indie rock faves The Fiery Furnaces check in with “Remember”. Wu-Tanger GZA is back on the solo trail with “ProTools”, while 90s alternababe Juliana Hatfield hits store shelves with “How To Walk Away”. On the re-issue front, new daddy Keith Urban is re-releasing his “Greatest Hits” album with a couple new tracks, while The Goo Goo Dolls check in with a second volume of their hits compilation (do the Goo Goo Dolls really need two Greatest Hits albums?). On the comeback trail, you might want to check out the return of 80s pop group Quarterflash (still retaining the services of lead singer Rindy Ross) with “Goodbye Uncle Buzz”, as well as “Open Book”, the first album of new material in nearly two days by disco/R&B vocalist Evelyn “Champagne” King.

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