Motley Crue's New Album Saints of Los AngelesWell, there had to be a comedown, right? After a couple weeks of high-wattage major releases, this Tuesday brings a ton of volume, but no real star power, at least from where I stand. You, of course, might feel differently. Here are some of the highlights:

Motley Crue “Saints of Los Angeles”: Tommy Lee and Pam are back together. Nikki Sixx is now a successful author with a top-selling book and accompanying soundtrack, Mick Mars still seems to be held together with safety pins and spit…and the Crue just keeps on a-rollin’. This one’s getting tons of play on VH-1 Classic (who love them some hair metal), and you can watch the band play these new tunes on their Cruefest tour all summer.

Three 6 Mafia “Last To Walk”: Since Three 6’s last album, they’ve downsized from a trio to a duo, starred in an MTV reality show, and won an Oscar. Let that sink in for a minute, because I’m sure you’ve forgotten by now. Three 6 Mafia are Academy Award winners. Their new album promises more of the same Southern-style hip-hop that’s brought them success. Single “Lolly Lolly (Pop That Body)” has become a hit, so look for this to be this week’s highest-charting new album.

Sigur Ros “Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust”: Or as I like to call it, “SAY WHAT???” Anyway, for those unaware, Sigur Ros are Icelandic, like Bjork, but that’s where the comparisons end, I think. While Bjork explores arty dance-pop with rock edges, Sigur Ros (at least the one album I heard of theirs) are much more chill and ethereal. They’ve never been particularly big in the States, but they definitely have a dedicated core of fans, and the “alternative” press trips over themselves to give these guys props.

Bobby Digital “Digi Snax”: Last year’s Wu-Tang Clan reunion was pretty much over before it began, with members publicly criticizing leader RZA’s production style. In light of that, RZA headed back to the lab on his lonesome, resurrected his Bobby Digital character, and…well, here’s “Digi Snax”. Several Wu members and offshoots make cameos, and I’m sure RZA’s Bobby’s rhyme style is as bizarre and unhinged as ever.

(no Bobby Digital website, apparently…)

Dwele “Sketches of a Man” & Anthony David “Acey Deucey”: Detroit-based soul singer Dwele got a good look last year when he was the featured vocalist on Kanye West’s “Flashing Lights” single. After two decent but sort of boring albums on EMI, he goes the Indie route for his third album “Sketches of a Man”. One would think Kanye would return the favor with a cameo or some production, but Mr. West is nowhere to be found here. Meanwhile, Atlanta-based artist Anthony David is making his major-label debut, with help from india.arie, as the two came up on the music scene together.This one might be interesting, as David has a rich, supple voice and his indie material has been fairly interesting. Can one of these neo-soul B-leaguers break through this time around?

Speaking of neo-soul, one of the founders of that movement is back after an 8-year absence. Well, not really, but the compilation “The Best…So Far” gathers D’Angelo‘s biggest hits along with some rare collaborations and soundtrack cuts while we patiently wait for his years-in-the-making third studio album. The chilled-out, bluesy, hip-hop (OK… fairly unclassifiable) sounds of G. Love & Special Sauce are fully displayed on their new effort, “Superhero Brother”. It’s the follow-up to G. Love’s quite good solo record from a year or two ago. Meanwhile, 90s relic Edwin McCain soldiers on with a new effort “Nobody’s Fault But Mine”. Personally, I’d be cool if he stuck to live performances and VH-1 “I Love The…” specials. Also…the 15th anniversary reissue of Liz Phair’s “Exile in Guyville”, pop-punkers Less Than Jake return with “GNV FLA”, there are pointless new Hits compilations being released by Pat Benatar (who must have more Greatest Hits albums than studio albums at this point) and Billy Idol, and we cap this release date off with a couple of reissues from Talking Heads side project Tom Tom Club-“Boom Boom Chi Boom Boom” and “Dark Sneak Love Action”. Maybe this will spur their label to release the band’s second album “Close To The Bone”, which happens to be the only TTC album I don’t own. It also gives me an excuse to show the video for “Genius of Love”, one of my favorite songs ever.

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