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Good rule. If you're in court, don't bring a music player and don't ask the judge to listen to Jordin Sparks. Image by Getty Images via Daylife

One of the coolest sites catering to all music fans doesn’t have downloads.

There are no pictures of Beyonce flashing leg, Justin flashing a grin or Janet flashing, well, having a wardrobe malfunction.

Really useful site, Musicplayer.me covers the convergence of music and the Internet, which has nothing to do with browsers sometimes. If you didn’t know that, you will after reading one of the reviewers take apart a Twitter application or Firefox plugin synchronizing last.fm.

The site’s management gets the tech vibe, which is nice, but really gets the music vibe too. “It’s not our policy to discourage their [the site’s reviewing team] sometimes acerbic or snarky opinions towards particular products or companies.”

How cool is that?  That attitude is the same one Money Mike, Double G, David Middleton and the other Sonic Clash writers bring when they jump into a track, or take apart the music news or charts or just keep banging on Chris Brown for being a big dummy who deserves some county lockup time.  And if that’s too snarky for you, remember who chose the photos for the front of the site, including Ms. Rihanna in all her umbrella glory.  (AP reported today that she is looking to get back the jewelry she was wearing as they drove to the Grammys that night.    All $1.4 million worth.  Yowch!)

Even an old dog like me learned how I could listen to Disturbia when I’m at the office and it’s still not on my iPod.  Do you know what a Tumblelog is?   Me neither until I read the site’s review on how to listen to a new music stream with a concept like Disturbia at the start  and turn a mix tape experience into an art form like nothing Pandora ever considered.

Musicplayer.me is definitely worth a drive by.  There is far more to mobile music than iTunes and Rhapsody, but they’ll tell you all about that.

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