Paul Simon with guitarJordin beat Blake. You should know that. Melinda will cut a great R&B (or gospel, if she feels so inclined album). Jordin will sing some big AC ballads. Blake will have a 10-20 year run on the charts. But there was much more to music this month than American Idol, even if Fox would hae you believe otherwise.

Here are some quick hits on music news that happened in May that you should know:

Here come The Police! Fans of the British trio that made Sting a household name opened up their world tour in Vancouver — their first show in 20 years. Speaking of 20, that’s about how many dates there are in North America, so get your tickets now! Remember, they’ve not only broken up once, but guitarist Andy Summers is 64 years old. At some point, he is just as likely to decide he doesn’t want to tour after collecting this tour’s bazillion.

Lindsay Lohan hit a curb, then got hit with an arrest when Beverly Hill Cops who looked nothing like Judge Reinhold or Eddie Murphy popped her for various charges. Looking especially bad for the rehabbing Lohan was a substance media reports identified as cocaine in the vehicle.

From young diva to old diva: Barbara Streisand bailed on a concert in Rome, citing tour production delays. The fact that Italian consumer groups were protesting ticket prices in the hundreds of dollars had nothing to do with anything according to Babs’ spokespeople. You won’t find her in Rome, however. Good going, Italian muckrakers. The Streisand opens in Zurich. And like Andy Summers, she is no spring chicken, so if you haven’t seen Streisand live, one of these days is going to be the last possible day.

Paul Simon (above) has been honored as the first ever winner of The Gershwin Prize, an award from the United States Library of Congress to celebrate “popular song”. DC saw his concert live last week while the rest of the country can tune in to the special, including duets with ambivalent partner Art Garfunkel, later this summer.

And finally, if your name isn’t Akon, JT or you’re not from American Idol, you’re just not happening on the charts right now. A couple of exceptions: Maroon 5 (who still enjoyed their AI connection through Blake Lewis and a performance on the show), Avril Lavigne and new releases from Fall Out Boy and Ne-Yo. You read it here first: Ne-Yo is going to win Grammy hardware in February.

Spinning In The CD:

I’m like Maroon 5’s new single, Makes Me Wonder. Adam Levine has grown by leaps and bounds since his Kara’s Flowers days.