In a week that should have been marked by good news — the start of the summer concert season, new albums from Linkin Park, Bon Jovi and Wilco, reunion tours from The Police while Kenny Chesney and Beyonce hit the road as well — this is summer. Even Jay-Z is around more and more often. Look for his very cool multi-part interview on Joost if you have have a beta copy.

Instead of the tunes, though, we have the trials.

Brandy, whose auto accident 6 months ago left a man dead, is being sued and is countersuing for all sorts of things. We haven’t seen an album out of the almost 30 something for 3 years now. I would rather her sing than sue.

Meanwhile, Phil Spector’s role in the latest Trial of the Century drags on in Los Angeles. There are diaries and secret codes and Phil looking like the picture of Dorian Gray. Ultimately, though, popular opinion everywhere seems to believe he did the deed. The trial begin May 19, shows no signs of slowing down and will be haunting the gossip columns for weeks. In case anyone cares, the dead woman’s name is Lana Clarkson. Spector gets all the attention so it only seemed fitting that we actually recognize Clarkson.

And in terribly minor news, George Michael actually admitted guilt to a British court when he was found slumped over in his car. Perhaps he can give Lindsay Lohan his number.

Spinning In The CD:

Still laughing at Jon Bon Jovi’s reaction to Blake Lewis modernizing You Give Love A Bad Name on American Idol, one would assume he doesn’t mind the songwriting royalties pouring in from the country’s #18 song this week. The best part — Jordin Sparks yodeling This Is My Now is only at #15. Granted, the original went to #1 when Jon, Richie and the gang released it, but that was 20 years ago. Time for a b-b-b-beat, beat, beatbox arrangement.

**Alert: Look for TV Help Web’s blog this weekend on the sale of American Idol**