I was going to write something about how much I enjoy John Mayer’s music even though the whole starlet-dating thing rubs me the wrong way. Then I was gonna write something about how happy I am that all the folks who cracked on me for liking him ate crow when “Continuum” came out. So then I decided to write something about how he always seems to express himself lyrically the exact way I would if I was, like, a talented writer. I figured I’d also add something about how even the songs of his that pander the most-“Your Body is a Wonderland”, “Daughters”-turn out to have something that makes me like them despite themselves.

Then I decided to screw all of that and just post this video because this song has been running in constant loop in my head all morning. The saying “leave it all out on the field” can be applied to just about any facet of life, and I’ve been thinking a lot about life and motivation and desire and honesty and all sorts of other things that this song (in my head, anyway) addresses. At any rate, enjoy, and thanks John.